Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I activate my subscription to ShopKey Pro, will I have access to

Yes, when you activate your subscription, you will have access to both products – and ShopKey Pro.

Q. Is there an extra cost associated with having both products?

The $159 price includes the subscription costs to both and ShopKey Pro  

Q. Will my subscription always include both products?

Until ShopKey Pro integrates with an estimating module, you will have access to both products.  Once the estimating module is added to ShopKey Pro, we’ll begin to eliminate the product codes from your subscription. 

Q. Once I activate my subscription, what happens?

The order is logged into our system, and you receive two emails.  One email is your invoice.   The second email has login information and a temporary password and may take 5-10 minutes to arrive.

Q. If I have any issues, who do I contact?

If you have any issues, you should call into our customer service center at 888-724-6742.

 System Requirements

  •  High Speed Internet Connection
  •  1024x768 Resolution Monitor (minimum resolution highly recommended)
  •  One of the following Web Browsers:       
    • IE8 or above***
    • Firefox
    • Chrome

 ***Note: IE6 and IE7 are not supported.  With IE8, you will be required to install an SVG viewer.   Starting with IE9, no additional add-ons required.